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Beyonce, Nicole Kidman, Heidi Klum. Here are the stars of a diet

Beyonce, Nicole Kidman, Heidi Klum. Here are the stars of a diet

It should look seriously at some novelties in their diets. Do not be afraid of carbohydrates like Rihanna. Do not use a diet based on maple syrup like Beyonce. To keep a slim figure you do not have to eat only sushi like Kate Hudson or plums like Sharon Stone. Choose from celebrities diets, what healthy. Drink water with lemon as Mischa Barton. Eat apples every day as Heidi Klum, lots of vegetables, fish and unprocessed products like Nicole Kidman. Be a STAR!

For a diet 5: 2, among others admit Jennifer Lopez and Miranda Kerr. Many women encouraged by the possibility of “binge” for the better part of the week, also reaches for her. Assumptions are very simple. For five days a week you eat everything what you want, in unlimited quantities. For two days a week you limit to two meals a day, eating 25% of the current caloric intake. It sounds beautiful? Yes, but only if you follow certain rules. During the daily beauty you have to choose foods rich in fiber and complete protein, giving feeling of satiety (vegetables, legumes, products rich in whole grains, lean dairy products, meat, nuts and seeds, and eggs). Note – the author of the diet allows you to eat in a such a day up to 500 calories! Of course, periodic fasting can lower blood glucose levels, bad cholesterol and increase insulin sensitivity, but not necessarily reduce your weight! If the better part of the week you do not follow changes in your diet and you eat more than your body can use, the effects will be negligible or none at all will be! Diet 5: 2 makes sense if after the start you manage to make a lasting change in eating habits. First of all, eat smaller portions at regular intervals of 3-4 hours. If you force you to think about what you eat, when and how much, to read labels, drink at least 1.5 liters of water a day, nieprzejadania and change attitude to this, looks like your menu, I am too. Remember, bacon and pork with chocolate – it is always an explosive mixture! Exercise your willpower and your body will definitely reward you.

Although Cheryl Cole sings: “I do not care …” you can be almost certain that it is not a diet. The singer cares about what’s on their plate and admit to eating according to your blood type. This diet is based on consumption of certain products, depending on the blood group, we have. The authors divided the available food into three groups: one that heals, running indifferently on the body and it is poison. It is widely known that there are no two identical people. Then the world would be boring anyway and predictable. A diet based on blood assumes that the same food can act on people in different ways. It’s obvious, but if you need instantly with “give up everything”? Do you have to rigidly stick to a designated list? On a rainy day fluff up your hair and twist? Does this mean that these days you have to stay at home? Certainly often you noticed that after eating certain products, for example, the more you have a headache, or appear eczema. If after some components of the diet you feel bad, remove them. Do not force yourself to eat large amounts of meat, just because you have a high protein diet 0. blood does not come out of health. You do not have to stay a vegetarian immediately if your blood type is marked with the letter A. Use common sense and their own feelings. Choosing fresh, light products tested and upload your batteries. Just stay healthy!

The source of gluten are wheat, rye, spelled or barley. It can also be contaminated oats. Read labels carefully, because gluten is added to many products, eg. For prepared meals, meats and canned goods. I must admit that some gluten harms. It is not just celiac disease, but also for healthy people who may cause allergy. If the slice of wheat bread you feel sluggish, try to replace it with corn bread or rice cakes. Check for yourself what causes the uncomfortable symptoms you. Not necessarily responsible for it must be gluten. Remember that gluten-free diet is not a diet slimming. Whether you lose weight on it, it depends on the “traditional” on the amount of food they eat. Among the gluten-free products they are highly processed and also those supplying large portions of energy. Its excess, regardless of the content of allergenic proteins, hangs you on your stomach.

Without a doubt, the protein gives a feeling of satiety. Dr. Dukan advantage of creating your diet. Although we now know that excess protein in the diet harms, high protein diet is still a frequent guest on the “star” salons.

Before you decide to start a weight loss wysokoproteinowego, you need to take a look at some of the principles of this diet and be sure to follow them. The diet consists of four phases. The first is eating only high-protein products, in unlimited quantities and are not subject to time limits during the day. To assimilate protein, your body has to do a big job and takes advantage of your unwanted inventory. Although at this stage the most losing weight, not prolong it! Too high protein load causes the organism, not only the kidneys or liver, but also the brain. You may feel tired and weak. The first phase also deprives your body of many vitamins and minerals that you can not eat with vegetables or fruit. You must also resign from cereal products, which every day they give you energy and regulate, even, bowel function. In subsequent phases of the diet introduced products other than protein, but still relies on products wysokoproteinowych. Watch out for the Dukan diet. Used too long (especially its first phase), may cause many ailments.

House decorated according to feng shui – is the foundation of the world hollywodzkim. The stars love to Chinese tradition, also this culinary. It is therefore not surprising that often use diet based on Chinese beliefs. In Chinese medicine, foods are divided into Yin and Yang. This is the basis macrobiotic diet based on plant foods with a small addition of products of animal origin. Like many celebrities using this diet to lose weight should be eating the whole grains of cereals with added vegetables, fruits, legumes. In your “makrotalerzu” can also be found fermented milk drinks, poultry, fish and lean cottage cheese. The macrobiotic diet is a great solution to weight problems. By eating regular meals rich in products rich in active plant compounds, topped with animal element, you get a figure, you dream about, and to cleanse your body and to keep their health and feel better. The macrobiotic diet is nothing more than just a healthy diet, the realm of whole grains, vegetables and fruits! You want to be like Madonna, use a macro!

The diet is based, among others, on products rich in omega 3 and omega 6 limits the intake of which an excess of proinflammatory. Use the recommendations of the authors of the diet. Be like Eva Longoria and eat fish, healthy fats, enjoy the food and love cooking. But do not limit yourself to only products containing omega 3. Choose the different components to prepare a balanced meal that will give you energy and a feeling of satiety for longer. It makes it easier to survive to the next meal without snacking!

Many celebrities treats your diet very seriously. Trying to eat healthy eating the least processed products. Some of them go even further. They eat only rawness. Undeniably raw vegetables and fruits are full of vitamins, minerals and enzymes. Support your immune system and protect against overweight. If you’re a vegetarian, you can try to eat only the “raw”. Do not forget about healthy fats and wholesome protein, which you will find, for example. In legumes. If you give for a piece of steak all, remember that raw meat or fish habitat sometimes dangerous for your health bacteria. Regardless of the diet, be sure your meals is diversified in various crude products. At the encouragement I will add that this diet admitted: Demi Moore, Daryl Hannah, Cher and Pierce Brosnan.

Star odkwaszajÄ… regularly. This is according to them a great way to figure, health, feeling better. The alkaline diet including use Gwyneth Paltrow, Victoria Beckham and Jennifer Aniston. Alkaline diet is to exclude from the diet products acidifying the body, that is, most cereals, animal products, sugar, eggs, coffee, tea or alcohol. The diet according to the author of 80% should be made up of alkaline and neutral constituents. The base should be among most vegetables, fruits and mushrooms, vegetable oils or almonds. Alkaline diet actually cleans well and deacidification body, improves mood, helps in the treatment of constipation and gout. In the long run, however, can cause vitamin and mineral disorders. Restrictions on products consumed can cause your body to lack of iron or B vitamins do not go overboard with deacidification. Varied, reasonable diet will strengthen your body and give him the strength to fight off infections. Then surely you will not see in himself the symptoms of acidity.

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